Application FloorPAD - draw your own floor plan of apartment or house easily!

Are you thinking about new interior of your apartment or house? Do you need plan whichyou would arrange according to your wishes? We have a simple solution for you. In the application FloorPAD you can draw a floor plan also according to precise dimensionseasily and quickly. After that,arranging furniture will be just fun!

Designing has never been so easy!

On you open a drawing area and you can start drawing. Design floor plan by using the underlying rectangular grid, draw the apartment and specify room sizes and location. The tool for quotas can be used to observe the exact architecture of the apartment. Then indicate floor materials, wall colours, add windows and doors. All objects have their own keyboard shortcuts for faster insertion.

2D floor plan

For arranging the abode you can choose various furniture from the menu. The various types of furniture are divided into categories such as bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, interior accessories etc. Size and colour of furniture can be adjusted and can be rotated as required.

Floor plan with furniture

If the plan does not meet your requirements, you can easily move, change, or delete all objects. Play with your new interior. FloorPAD allows you to transfer your ideas into the desired form.

2D floor plan

By one click you can transform the view floor plan from 2D to 3D views. Aftera few minutes of work, you can have a walk in the new interior!

3D floor plan

We have made a set of videos with all steps of drawing plans. On the you can find lots of extra tips and examples of how to easily repaint and display your abode. Floor plan can be saved at your email address. You can return to it at any time and eventually finish it. If you have finished the plan and you like it, you can save 2D and 3D floor plans as JPG pictures after the registration on our website. Share your interior design ideas with your friends.

3D floor plan

FloorPAD for Real Estate Agencies

Drawingthe floor plans is very important also to real estate agencies. 2D and 3D floor plans can also be used in the presentation of the interior property. Try drawingyour abode for free on!